ad:tech Content Collective 2015:
Connecting the Dots, Telling the Truth & Knowing the Numbers


Today’s marketer has an ever increasing array of content marketing strategies and technologies at their disposal; they can publish articles, research reports or case studies to a website or blog, share infographics to social media, send out eNewsletters, publish videos or articles across other sites, run events or webcasts, use apps, syndicated content, podcasts or eBooks…the list goes on.

Sadly, for many marketers, the content marketing sector is beginning to look a lot like the Emperor’s new clothes as more and more attempts to find the content marketing sweet spot fail to deliver meaningful bottom line results. A major cause of this malaise is a direct result of campaign thinking.

‘Campaign Thinking’ may well lead to death of content marketing as we know it, but that’s a good thing. Too many modern marketers take too short a view of content marketing, expecting near instant results from old content that they try to shoehorn into channels across the web. Which makes it no surprise that less than half of marketers believe their content marketing efforts are effective.

What is needed is a fundamental change of approach to content marketing that (a) puts the consumers’ needs first by delivering value, whilst (b) creating ‘brand’ content that puts the story first in order to build a long term relationship that (c) eventually delivers a quantifiable ROI. It’s the content marketers out there who understand that stories connect, that ROI isn’t instant, and who understand that content marketing needs to be an organization wide discipline that will succeed.

This is why the ad:tech Content Collective was born – to give marketers the tools, strategies and actionable insight to take back to their businesses and become better and more effective content marketers. At the 2015 Content Collective marketers will gain an understanding of the most effective tactics to adopt and the best platforms to leverage via a single day program comprised of keynotes, panels and fireside chats that will connect the dots, share simple truths and shift the focus to the numbers that matter.

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